Transcriptome-wide microRNA target prediction including lncRNAs
miRcode 11 (June 2012) based on: UCSC GRCh37/hg19, GENCODE 11 transcripts, Multiz 46 species, TargetScan6 families
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MiRcode provides "whole transcriptome" human microRNA target predictions based on the comprehensive GENCODE gene annotation, including >10,000 long non-coding RNA genes. Coding genes are also covered, including atypical regions such as 5'UTRs and CDS. MicroRNA family definitions and names are consistent with TargetScan. Site conservation is evaluated based on 46 vertebrates species. Data sources and stats is found on the data info page, and the FAQ answers many questions. Please cite the miRcode paper if this resource is useful in your research.

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Note that miRcode sites are now directly available through the UCSC browser Track Data Hubs feature.

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Gene (symbol/accession): MicroRNA family: (Highly conserved families)
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Site conservation: Any
Most primates
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+Most non-mammal vertebrates
Transcript region: Any/ncRNA

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