1991 pro set series 2 checklist

The registry must have some numbers mixed up or mislabeled al. Also I noticed that some cards I have don't correspond numberwise with the one's in the pop reports, such as #4 in my set is Crosby Stills and Nash, in the pop reports it is listed as Bryan Adams, In my set #78 is George Michael and in the checklist it is Madonna, in my set 80 and 81 are Alannah Myles, in the pop report they are also listed as Madonnathere are also more differences.. Brand: Pro Set. Change). Notable Rookie Cards: Of the 15 rookie cards found in this set, John LeClair is the only notable one. This card commemorates the 1990 showdown between Jacksons Raiders and Sanders Detroit Lions in the Silverdome. Need help buying or selling cards or have a general question about the hobby? He also loves to write about the hobby and has written for Beckett, Topps, SABR and of course, this website. In case you ever forget this, they have conveniently placed that information on the front of the card. Although his career did not end on the best of terms, Brett Favre remains one of the most intriguing and popular football players ever. In the end, of course, Bo did make it back to MLB, with the Chicago White Sox, but not to the NFL. 1990 Rodney Holman Pro Set Errors #344, Itm#EB122. No matter, though, because Ismail was one of the most exciting players on the college or NFL scene, and hed develop into a 1000-yard receiver in the pros by the late 1990s. Ive opened a good # of boxes throughout the years, and my guesstimate is around 2 in every 3 boxes? Thanks for the info on the world league cards, never saw them in packs but will keep an eye out for them, as for the Marino I only need the Munoz for that set, theres one on eBay but a bit pricey the way the Aussie dollar is at the moment Regards Wayne, Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________, I have a new entry for your list. Each series included Pro Set Collectible Cards as inserts. This card forever captures the sickening anticipation of Jacksons recovery (or not). 1991 Pro Set Platinum Football Wax Pack Box ProSet Series 2 Brett Favre Rookie, 1991 NFL Pro Set Series 2 Factory Sealed Wax Box (36 Wax Packs), 1991 NFL PRO SET FOOTBALL SERIES 1 FACTORY SEALED BOX WITH 36 PACKS. The blurred background, Photoshopped college image, and light gray border make for a very generic card. Two of the top options are noted below as well as an NFL-licensed, second-year card. We have opened around 5 or 6 cases and still have e not seen this bad boy. Williams spent the first ten years of his 14-year career with the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals, who put up just one winning season during that run. Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 8.7 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches : Package Weight 2.5 Pounds : Brand Name Pro Set : Sport Type Football : Additional Information. Because of this, it is not uncommon for stickers to be removed from other cards and added to a forged Brett Favre card. He performed well both times against Washington that year, rushing for 63 yards and a score in Week 3 (shown on this card) and later rumbling for 132 yards and two scores on Thanksgiving Day in Week 12. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Im needing to find what it might be worth or where to contact a collector? Next page. Sports Card Investing: Maximize Portfolio Returns (Ultimate Guide), 10 Best Football Card Packs to Buy in 2023, In-Depth Sports Card Market Trends and Statistics (2023). While the 1989 Pro Set Santa Claus was sent to dealers as a promo card, the 1990 version was a short print distributed inside Series 2 packs that sent collectors into a frenzy trying to chase it. I have a 1991 pro line not autographed, all cards are in mint condition, are they worth anything? If anything, that what might have been early ending made Jackson more popular than ever, and this throwback card has always tugged at collectors heartstrings. While his name is pronounced Farve, it is actually spelled Favre. 247 rookie cards in set. Obviously, there are tons of other football cards for Brett Favre over the years, and some of his best are covered in our list of the top Brett Favre cards. This provides for a more personalized card that was designed to compliment the photography. Prices are kept in check by the high print runs, but Gem Mint copies still command a considerable premium. So far, we have gone through five cases and have NOT pulled this elusive hockey card. Six years later, he was a sports legend like none of us had ever seen, excelling both on the gridiron for the Los Angeles Raiders and on the diamond for the Kansas City Royals. Because of this, the 1992 Stadium Club card can have more collecting appeal than the official Brett Favre rookie cards. Does anyone know, or have a checklist for the 1991 Proset Superstars Music card set, and also how many are actually in it?? I also seem to recall that there was also a short print card of Madonna but can't remember which number it was Can anyone help??? Bus station at Frankfurt Central Station. The first series in particular was riddled with errors. To commemorate the honor, Pro Set created this promo card given to dealers and industry insiders at a trade show in Hawaii. barry sanders football card. A fun product to open to this day, boxes can be found for at very reasonable prices. Possibly closer to every other box, as well? i was in the errors/variations list above, an saw the knox comes in a cyan variation. Most fun Ive had opening cards in a long time. Prices are updated daily based upon 1991 Pro Set listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Enhance your purchase . The base card does maintain solid value, but the Super Bowl XXVI parallel represents a premium collectible. SUBSCRIBE NOW! 1991 Pro Set Platinum; 1991 Pro Set Platinum. Standard Cards. We'll respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time.. Posted by Adam Hughes | Football Cards | 0 |. - Errors / Variations Price paid: $8. Comments | 2023 Ultimate Cards and Coins. There are two versions of the Santa Claus card. Collectors are not just limited to the eight official Brett Favre rookie cards that are covered above. Very odd. Base 849 Cards Set. Initially slotted for Eric Dickerson, card #338 eventually found a new face in Pro Set founder, Ludwell Denny, posed as the mock head coach of the New York Giants. Favre has another card in the Upper Deck set (#647) as part of the Rookie Force subset and it is also a non-action shot. As a friendly safety reminder, please periodically reset your SCF password to prevent your account from being used without your consent and/or damaging your reputation. *** = tough to find variations due to early or late printings, ** = slightly tougher than most variations, 1Op Emmitt Smith ROYpromotional sample text on back (National) *****, 4-26a LL Subset with cream-colored square/box around text, 4-26b LL Subset with green tinted square/box around text **, 5a Mike Singletary MOY Pack-issued type (gray square behind text)****, 5b Mike Singletary MOY 3-D hologram prototype *****, 5c Mike Singletary MOY Pack-issued type (cream-colored square behind text), 6a Bruce Smith LL light grey square behind text ****, 6b Bruce Smith LL cream-colored or yellow square behind text, 8b Jim Kelly LL NFLPA logo removed, registration symbol present ****, 8c Jim Kelly LL NFLPA logo removed, reg symbol removed, ghost of NFLPA logo partially visible ***, 8d Jim Kelly LL NLFPA logo entirely removed, no trace remaining, 12a Jay Novacek LL Stat headings partially obscured ****, 12b Jay Novacek LL Stat headings printed correctly, 19a Derrick Thomas LL Bills helmet on front ***, 19b Derrick Thomas LL Chiefs helmet on front, 25a Dan Marino LL Sonny Jurgensons stats partially obscured ****, 25b Dan Marino LL Jurgensons stats correctly printed, 32a Russell Maryland TW light grey box behind text ****, 32b Russell Maryland TW peach box behind text, 32c Russell Maryland TW cream-colored box behind text (UNVERIFIED), 33a Chris Zorich TW light grey box behind text ****, 33bChris Zorich TW cream-colored box behind text, 34a Daryll Lewis TW light grey box behind text ****, 34b Daryll Lewis TW cream-colored box behind text, 35a Alfred Williams TWlight grey box behind text ****, 35b Alfred WIlliams TWcream-colored box behind text, 36p Rocket Ismail TW promotional sample text on back (12th National) *****, 36a Rocket Ismail TW light grey square behind text ****, 36b Rocket Ismail TW green box behind text ***, 36c Rocket Ismail TW cream-colored box behind text, 37p Ty Detmer HH promotional sample text on back (12th National) *****, 37a Ty Detmer HH partial TM under Pro Set logo on back ****, 37b Ty Detmer HH complete TM under Pro Set logo on back, 47a Bruce Smith SB Black lettering next to Pro Set logo **, 47b Bruce Smith SB White lettering next to Pro Set logo, 78c Jim Kelly NFLPA logo removed, no card number on back (Issued in Super Bowl set), 122p Clay Matthewspromotional sample text on back (12th National) *****, 125a Webster Slaughter NFLPA logo on back, 125b Webster Slaughter NFLPA logo removed, 125c Webster Slaughter NFLPA logo removed, ghost of NFLPA logo still partially visible ***, 175a Eric Dickerson NFLPA logo on back , 667 yards in text on back, 175b Eric Dickerson NFLPA logo removed, 667 yards in text on back **, 175c Eric Dickerson NFLPA logo removed, 677 yards in text on back, 191p Howie Longpromotional sample text on back (12th National) *****, 211a Tim McKyer No trade/gazette box on front, 211b Tim McKyer Trade/Gazette box on front, 217a Darrell Fullington Registration symbol missing next to NFLPA logo on back, 217b Darrell Fullington Registration symbol printed next to NFLPA logo on back, 256p Randall Cunningham promotional sample text on back (12th National) *****, 256b Randall Cunningham Regular pack-issued type, 306c Chuck Knox NFLPA logo printed only in cyan *****, 310p Harry Hamiltonpromotional sample text on back (12th National) *****, 328c Steve Tasker REP NFLPA logo removed, 1/2 of registration symbol still visible ***, 330a Jeff Rutledge REP NFLPA logo printed only in CYAN *****, 334a Randall Cunningham REP NFLPA logo on back, 334b Randall Cunningham REP NFLPA logo removed, 335a Bo Jackson/Barry Sanders REP NFLPA logo on back, 335b Bo Jackson/Barry Sanders REP NFLPA logo on back, faint/airbrushed registration symbol *****, 335c Bo Jackson/Barry Sanders REP NFLPA logo printed only in CYAN *****, 335c Bo Jackson/Barry Sanders REP NFLPA logo removed **, 370-374, 376-378a Think About It Subset Small type on back, 360-364, 376-378b Think About It Large type on back, 372c Troy Aikman THINK No number on back (promo) ****, 375a Anthony Munoz THINK Quadante front, Dificul on back small type, 375b Anthony Munoz THINK Quadante front, Dificil on back small type, 375c Anthony Munoz THINK Quadante front, Dificil on back large type, 375d Anthony Munoz THINK Quedate front, Dificil on back large type ***, 546b Ronnie Lott mark removed (airbrushed? The 1990 Pro Set contains a number of hidden gems and a great RC, but is it worth anything from an investment perspective? gasp! 1991 Stadium Club Football never got that memo and this error card still carries the misspelled name. Disclaimer: Links on this page pointing Glossary | Cant seem to find any info on the error anywhere. Its an uncorrected error UER, all copies are like this. 2.50. The Living Checklist: 1990 Pro Set Error Variation Promo and Odditylist. I have this complete set without the autographs and all cards are in mint condition including the Spirit cards. Dont know alot about these cards, so not sure what they are. A former All-American at the University of Miami and one-time Pro Bowler with the New England Patriots, Fred Marion was a solid safety throughout his playing career. Despite a hefty print run, 1991 Pro Line Portraits Football was ahead of its time in many ways, most notably for the extensive autograph checklist. Unfortunately, his struggles with cocaine continued and he retired in 1991 after failing his fourth drug test. Along with the Stadium Club card, this Upper Deck release is among the top Brett Favre rookie cards. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1990 - 1991 NHL Hockey Pro Set Series II Cards - New Sealed Box 36 Packs at the best online prices at eBay! (U) Uncommon, tougher version to locate. I have a miscut Pepper Johnson pro set 1991 card no 596 and a Mike Pryor card with no text on back no 529 What are those worth? PRICES POP APR FACTS REGISTRY SHOP WITH AFFILIATES. - Card Rankings This would be the first of several retirements and resulted in additional stints with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. In celebration of the 1990 NFL Draft, Pro Set created a four-card mini set that featured three cards of Illinois standout quarterback, Jeff George, and Alabama powerhouse linebacker, Keith McCants. NFL. GoldCardAuctions is a high-end investment-caliber trading card company and is the definitive source of sports card investing news and analysis. 626b corr Stat line is red, both cards included. There is and error on the back of RICHARD WILLIAMSON #779 OF THE 1990 PRO SET FINAL UPDATE NFL ESPERIENCE INSTEAD OF EXPERIENCE I HAVE TWO. While this sounds like a recipe for counterfeiting disaster, there is an easy way to spot pack-inserted cards. Glen Wesley [BAS Certified BAS Encased] $29.58. Can my set be an error? 4.3 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. Bus Station. | 1991 Pacific is a good reminder of how bad cards could be during this time. This one may be too high. Teams | Errors / Variations | But, neither Fred Marion nor that botched pick has anything to do with the value of this card and it has everything to do with a stumbling John Taylor falling to the ground behind him instead. At the time, NBC's The Cosby Show was one of the highest rated sitcoms on TV. The game's all-time leading rusher, Emmitt Smith is pictured picking up some of those 18,355 career rushing yards against division rival Washington on his Pro Set rookie card. Tune in as Mrs. Wax Pack Gods reads 1991 Pro Set Football Cards - 10 Most Popular. McCants wound up in Tampa as the number four pick overall. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Collection Summary, #1. - Sell Sheets / Ads Grade Rating: Ungraded: Sport Type: Football: . Ungraded & graded values for all '91 Pro Set Football Cards. All Rights Reserved. After the Falcons traded the first pick to the Colts, Jeff George's fate was sealed as Indianapolis drafted him with high hopes of being their franchise quarterback for years to come. Please note this is subject to update as we may add more cards the more we open. For those collectors on the lookout for great Hall of Famers of the era or just a fun set to complete, I would advise putting together the basic checklist. Card Rankings While they came during the overproduced era of 1990s football cards, Brett Favre rookie cards remain a top option for collectors. Pro Set is "THE OFFICIAL NFL CARD." However, the final release came as a 100-card High Number series. 7 Product information . Pro Set 1991 NFL SERIES 1 FOOTBALL TRADING CARDS- Factory Sealed Box. At a glance: - 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum Hockey - 300 cards - 20 "Platinum Collectible" inserts - Size: 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 - Download checklist Man, was I excited! Simpson, Troy Aikman and Dan Marino. 626a Fumble/Interceptions on stat line black. We read, on average, one per case, but this may be innumerate; if anyone has information on this issue, we look forward to your comments below this article. 2 This site is not a price guide. Im pretty sure I have the Russell Maryland #32 w/ a cream-colored box around the text, I can send you a picture if you need it.I got it in a box that had (2) Derrick Thomas Bills Helmet on Front Errors in it as well!!!! does anyone have anything on the 1993 pro set power for errors/variations? Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. Still, it was fun to find the autographs in the packs. Miscuts are not included in my error/variations lists. Sanders cards have been popular in the hobby from the get-go, and this second-year flashback to his 1988 Heisman Trophy performance with Oklahoma State is no exception. Many players are photographed in workout gear or street clothes. In fact, hes the only head coach to ever amass six Super Bowl championships and three other conference titles. Thank you! The autograph checklist is extensive, with 302 signers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1990-91 Ed Belfour Pro Set HOF Error Should Born Carman RC #598 SHOP EBAY Good luck. Contact him at [emailprotected]. (Note: stats culled from Pro Football Reference). Visit Website. Uncovering the Best of the 1980's and 1990's Sports Card Errors, Variations and Oddities, 1991 Pro Set Football Errors & Variations: OngoingChecklist, 1991 Pro Set Mike Singletary Hologram Prototype, 1990 Fleer Baseball Errors & Variations: OngoingChecklist, 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey Errors & Variations: OngoingChecklist. Only inserts or parallels so far are the wives cards. Without further ado, here are our favorite cards from the 1990 Pro Set Hockey Cards. Looking through my 1991 Pro Set cards, I came across my Tim Brown Heisman Hero (Card #40) with no copyright information on the back of the card. Because these were never circulated in packs, very few were printed in the first place and it isn't known how many survive. In addition, several other options from 1991 and 1992 have caught the attention of collectors. Frankfurt Airport Distance from Property: 21.3 KM. Favre was sort of like the Belichick of the pocket (and of the out-of-the-pocket), doing things no other quarterback has ever done. Ahmad Rashad, upon retiring from the NFL, entered broadcasting, working for both NBC and ABC. The promo card of the Kansas City Chiefs' Derrick Thomas was distributed in advance of the product release to dealers and collectors. Original Cost: 50 cents for a 14-card pack. The 1990 Score football set was broken into two 330-card series. Buy: $5.40. Year Manufactured: 2023. These test cards sought to predict the player taken with the number one pick of the draft and where he might go given several different scenarios. Brett Favre was included in this final group, which featured a much lower print run. Fellow Raider legends Howie Long and Art Shell and 49ers icons Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Ronnie Lott also appeared on a "Super Bowl XXV" card. After purchasing a few cards of the set, I decided to buy two boxes. No questions have been asked about this item. Subway Station . After Dickerson refused to let other card manufacturers use his name and likeness, the NFLPA asked Pro Set to remove it from its set production and distribution. Estimated Substance Abuse Variation PSA 10 Value: $350. 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